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Computer & Networking Services around the Derby Area

Providing Computing Services for Small Businesses

In this modern world even the smallest office environment might need a range of PCs, printers and a network to allow file and printer sharing and access to the internet. At Premier Computers we can help you to upgrade your existing setup or to get you started from scratch.

We can custom build PCs ideal for your needs, implement a network setup and provide support if and when it's needed. A major issue that's often overlooked is the need to protect your PCs and your data in case of disaster. With todays internet enabled offices the risks of viruses, spyware and data loss is a high priority. Everyone should try to protect themselves with correctly configured antivirus, firewalls and other tools to minimise the risk.

You should also ensure that you have a reliable, regular backup routine which should ideally be automated and include storing a copy somewhere off-site.

If you think we could help you in any way, either contact us or take a look at our services.

Other projects

Below are some of the projects that we have helped to work on:
This is an Online Appointment Reminders by SMS & Email System to allow anyone whose business relies on appointments being kept, to make sure they are kept. By entering the appointment in their online control panel our users can then choose to remind their customers or clients by either sms message, email or both.

Evology Ltd
Premier Computers is part of the Evology Ltd group of companies. We are an innovative and inspirational team with interests in various online ventures. Take a look at some of our projects to see if anything interests you or your organisation.